Landscapes and men

With its distinctive bare outline and its limestone surface, the Pic de Vissou proudly towers above the village of Cabrières. With a high point of 480 m, it is visible throughout the region.

From high above, the Vissou has been witness to the  many centuries that have brought changes to the appearance of its slopes and the transformation of its plant life.  Many generations have lived here. From prehistoric times, when the first copper mines were developed, and throughout the Middle Ages when lumber became a rare commodity due to logging.  Vines have been cultivated on its slopes and in the surrounding area since very ancient times, which is a testament to traditions and skills that have been in existence for many years.

By taking this trail, you will be able to link together all the different facets of this area; how it was formed, the people who live here, their lifestyle and the way they work the land. During the ascent you will be transported back in time so that you can better understand the mysteries of this beautiful landscape. A landscape that man has moulded and whose history will gradually be revealed to you.