Remarkable sites

The Vissou Ridges trail is an opportunity for hikers to take in breathtaking scenery, where the beauty, scale and diversity of the landscape gradually unfold throughout the ascent.

Looking ahead to the immediate surroundings of the Pic de Vissou, there are many remarkable , natural sites such as the Caroux, the Escandorgue lava flow, the Salagou lake and the Cirque de Mourèze , the Cirque de Navacelles, the Larzac plateau in the distance, the Séranne formation, Pic Saint-Baudille as well as Pic Saint – Loup.

Each of these sites presents a new opportunity for exploration, for seeing new horizons and experiencing a change of scenery. The Pic de Vissou thus provides a unique perspective on this area with its exceptionally rich natural heritage.

The men and women who live in this impressive area are responsible for many of its beautiful features : the textile factory of Villeneuvette, established by Colbert in 1667, the cité of Lodève, a former diocese, and its cathedral representative of the 'Languedoc Gothic' style, as well as Saint-Guilhaem-le-Désert, one of the most beautiful villages of France that boasts a church known as one of the jewels of Romanesque art. All these attractions will delight visitors with the richness of their heritage.