The secrets of the Estabel

'L'Estabel', a lovely musical name, refers to the large plateau that will certainly arouse your curiosity due to the long-standing mystery surrounding its strange spring.  This ill-tempered and fickle spring appears infrequently.  It is a mystery due to the fact that it only flows on rare occasions,depending on weather conditions.  It is this intermittent spring that gave rise to a tufa stone formation.  The formation  extends over a kilometre, around thirty metres above the River Boyne, a tributary on the right bank of the Hérault river.

The name itself is shrouded in mystery : the origin of Estabel may be related to a variant of the Occitan word for 'eddy', alluding to the whirling water gushing forth at 25C, an occurrence that happens several times a century.  The origin of Estabel has also been linked to the word 'Estambel' or 'lovely pond', a theory that is no more substantial than the first ;

In any event, the name is supposed to be a reference to the marshy nature of the plateau before winegrowers dug the drainage canal that currently links the spring to the waterfall. Estabel holds an entirely indisputable place in specialised publications, due to the specifity of its natural landscape, and as a phenomenon of a limestone area.