The winegrowers association

In order to respond to growing demand and to consolidate the vineyards of the youngest winegrowers, the cooperative winery, acting as project manager, initiated two rehabilitation projects for wine growing land: 12 hectares in 1999 and 7 hectares in 2006. Achieved with the support of SAFER, INAO and the Coteaux du Languedoc association, these new plantations took the impact on the landscape into account, as well as respect for environmental standards. The varieties and rootstock were selected based on soil studies carried out by the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture.

In 1999: creation of a red wine vineyard (6 ha of Syrah and 6 of Grenache)
In 2006: rehabilitation of wine growing land in order to plant Cinsault vines to boost the production of Cabrières rosé wines (6 ha of Cinsault and 1 ha of Syrah).

These achievements attest to the strong momentum and solidarity of the Cabrières winegrowers. It is not unusual to see winegrowers helping each other out when there is major work to do such as lifting or planting.

Cabrières, Home to Excellence

The Vine Population

Cinsault, the historical variety in the appellation, has held a significant share of the vineyard’s vine population since 1955. While it isn’t the major variety in the appellation – an honour held by Syrah and Grenache – it is in a category of its own. An integral component of the personality of Cabrières rosé wines, it must account for a minimum of 45% in the composition of wines of this colour. Over time, it has demonstrated its capacity to resist against water stress in areas where schist is prevalent, which explains its preeminence. It goes well with Syrah and Grenache. Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Carignan are all used in red wines. With the conditions specific to this area, it is really necessary to have the winegrowers’ touch and expertise.

In the glass: Rosé wines

Rosé wines reflect how well suited Cinsault is to this area where schist is very abundant. They are characterized by their shiny pastel colour, their red fruit bouquet with a hint of floral notes and their crisp body reminiscent of very ripe fruit, combined with a fresh palate. Countless awards have been won! In some years, over 90% of the harvest wins awards in the major competitions! Cabrières is a reference when it comes to rosé wines!

In the glass: Red Wines

Red wines made a splash on the scene starting in the 1980s. Since then, they have won many gold medals, prizes and awards. The personality of these wines has become established. With a reputation for being voluptuous and appealing, they are known for their aromatic complexity with red fruit, black fruit, and fragrant garrigue notes, as well as for their strength, fullness and long finish.